Charity No: 105431

Reconciliation is a community charity based in Tottenham. We are committed to providing services and advice through practical application of faith. We believe strongly that service to our community should form the very foundation of ministry and we actively work to ensure that our activities bring reformation, renewal and comfort to all.

Our organisation set up to help individuals and organisations find appropriate ways to manage conflicts that may arise in their day to day activities.  This could range from confronting difficulties in personal relationships to settling international political differences of opinion that could even lead to armed conflict between the two parties. Another aspect of our work is to accumulate and share resources that have been collected from industrialised nations and passing them on to those in developing nations who are in need of them.

Although rooted in the tradition of Christian values, Reconciliation International is ecumenical in activities and will not exclude or discriminate against any person or organisation on any grounds whatsoever; indeed the whole our ethos is to be open enough to embrace all with a compassion and acceptance of their culture, race and religious background, whatever it may be.

Our Purpose

  • To Project God’s love through practical Service
  • To Reform the lives of the youth, women and Elderly
  • To Make a positive impact to the UK BME Community  
  • To build authentic and transparent relationships